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SteamGamingStore Design Contest!

Greetings, SteamGamingStore Community!

In the spirit of creativity, we're excited to launch a design contest that's not just fun but also serves a purpose close to our hearts. Lately, we started to notice a large increase in site traffic, and it became apparent that there's a bit of confusion about our offerings – shared accounts access vs. game keys (Despite the explicit item description, but I guess who reads in nowadays, pfff only boomers). Well, we want to make things crystal clear and keep our community happy and well-informed. That's where you come into play.

We're looking for all creative designers, graphic gurus, and AI experts. Join us in crafting an eye-catching banner or logo that will be added to our photo listings, with one clear mission: to unmistakably communicate, "This grants access to a shared account — not a key or code of any kind". Make sure the logo or banner is at a size that will not hide the game logo.

Why You Should Enter:

  • Show Off Your Skills: This is your chance to get creative and have your work featured prominently on our platform.

  • Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post or video reveal, where we'll unveil the winners. This showcase will include any references and provide contact information for those winners who opt to share it. It's our way of celebrating your creativity and giving credit where it's due.

  • Win Prizes: The winning design gets $50. The 10 entries will each win a free game!

Entry Guidelines:

  • Clarity is Key (pun-intended): Your design should communicate our shared account access clearly and effectively.

  • Originality Counts: We’re looking for something unique that stands out, however sometimes simple is most elegant.

  • Keep It Classy: Humor? Absolutely. Edginess? Sure. But let’s steer clear of anything that wouldn’t be family-friendly or is likely to make grandma blush.

How to Participate:

Have you got the perfect idea? Whip up your design and email it to us at We're eagerly awaiting your submissions!

Deadline Alert:

Make sure to send in your designs by March 1, 2024. This gives you ample time to brainstorm, create, and possibly win! We're not just looking to clear up a tiny confusion; we're aiming to celebrate the creativity and passion of our community. So, let's get those creative gears turning, and show us what you've got!

Wishing you all the best,

SteamGamingStore Team

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