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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

9٫99$ سعر عادي
4٫99$سعر البيع


  • Product Description

     This listing is for steam account access, please note the following:


    – Guaranteed to work only in Offline mode. YOU MUST PLAY IN OFFLINE MODE.

    – Family Sharing is not available

    – You will only receive a username & password; these will always remain the same.

    – Once downloaded, you will have to play in Offline mode to avoid any disturbances.

    – This is a shared account.

    – In extraordinary cases, if the account password is changed and you did not breach the terms, the new password will be sent to you by message.

    – It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements to run the game. Any problem related to software / hardware compatibility must be solved by the customer.

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